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360° Body
Transformation Coach


Are YOU Ready For
A 360° Transformation?

Get Heads Turning.

Hey! 👋 I'm Wayne, a body transformation coach. 

I specialize in helping busy individuals look their best.

With over 10 years of training experience,

I will help you transform into a stronger, fitter, and more confident version of yourself.

NO fad diets, NO extreme methods, ONLY Sustainable Results 💯

How long does it take for me to get abs?🤔

On average, it takes about 3 months for an individual to develop habits and routines.

Here at Train With Wayne, I want to set you up for long term success, lose fat, work towards an aesthetic shape, and most importantly, keep your hard-earned gains.

A beach body is around 10-12% body fat for male and 18-20% body fat for female.

Depending on how much body fat you have,

the duration it takes to reveal your abs will vary from individual to individual.

If you want to know how much your current bodyfat is at and how long it takes to reveal your abs,

drop me a recent photo of yourself

or ask me through the chatbox below.

3 months will be the average duration to notice visible visual results with proper nutrition and workout routine.

After 3 months of fundamental changes, you will be prepared mentally and physically to take your physique to the next level (if you wish to)!  

NO sugar-coating, NO over-promises. ONLY Realistic Expectations & Results 👊

How many times have you seen people hopping on the latest diet trends (keto... ), buying diet pills, detox tea, only to see them fall off it weeks or months after?? Quick-fix methods are simply not sustainable, and may even harm your body in the long run. 

Over the years, I've helped clients regain their confidence in their bodies by guiding them on how to perform exercises with better technique and practice sound eating habits. These are long-lasting skill-sets that will stay with you throughout your life. It's like riding a bicycle; once you learn it, it stays with you forever.

After working with countless beach bodies, I will give you a realistic (no bull**it) expectation on how long it will take to reach your desired physique- the beach body that you so often see in the movies. 

Expect a lean, athletic, and aesthetic body that performs optimally and gets heads turning.

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Certified Personal Trainer (PTA Global)


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PTA Global






Precision Nutrition



He spends quality time to understand your fitness goals and works along with you to achieve it. I had Type 2 diabetes and it was badly managed due to my eating habits. Wayne helped get my weight and diabetes under control in less than a year. Today I'm confidently managing my health with minimum medicines and regular workouts, and all ready to hit the beach with my newfound abs. I would definitely recommend Wayne as your personal coach.

I was at my heaviest when I just moved to Singapore, decided to seek a trainer and was introduced to Wayne. Because I was a complete beginner, it took some time for me to learn proper workout form and nutrition, but Wayne was patient throughout and taught me important mindsets that I still practise today. I am now stronger and happier than ever thanks to him. I can now deadlift 65kg with ease!!

When I started training, I could only do 8-10 chin-ups. Wayne pushes you during the sessions and while I only did one or at most two sessions a week, he always gave me good advice on what to do for the rest of the week. I found myself improving steadily in terms of strength and endurance. By the time of lockdown, I could do 21 chin-ups at one go, which was the same as my peak when I was younger. I also lost 3 kgs, felt and looked stronger all round. I definitely saw a lot of improvement with Wayne.

CT, 34

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